Leslie Lee, Moss Public School:
As I look back on the many great personal and professional relationships I have developed over the years, Darla always comes to mind. I appreciate her continually raising the standard of what we should expect of professionals.

Darla will consistently deliver, and has been able to do this for many individuals, businesses, and school systems across the state of Oklahoma.

Carl Albert State College:
Darla Rufner and the Colonial Team deliver a concise, consistent, and straightforward message to our employees, as promised in their commitment to be our broker. The benefits counselors sit down with each one of our employees, not to “sell” benefits, but to educate each employee on creating a benefits package that meets their needs.

Nanette Ellis, Family and Youth Intervention Services:
I have known Darla Rufner for approximately four years…She was able to package a plan that provided us a significantly better health coverage plan along with a few other coverages for less money. I wish we had made the switch earlier.

Darla is…always patient and willing to answer any questions….I have seen her go above and beyond to help employees in our agency.

Darla Ruffner is a true professional in her field and I would highly recommend her to those needing help navigating the confusing world of benefits. So glad we did!

David Randall, Millennium Home Health Care:
I have known and worked with Darla Rufner for 6 years…She is very attentive to all of my staff and personally addresses their concerns to facilitate a smooth transition. Sh makes sure every employee has her personal cell phone number and she returns their calls and makes them a priority. This alone takes pressure off my HR director, allowing them to be able to turn everything over to Darla and know it will be taken care of.